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Play is an integral part of children’s life. It supports their learning journey and lays a solid foundation for their development in the domains of intellect, physique, emotion and social skills.   The “Play-Learn-Grow in Hong Kong Kindergarten” Programme, organised by the Centre for University and School Partnership, Faculty of Education, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and commissioned by the Education Bureau, covers a series of activities for teachers’ professional development. It provides professional support for strengthening teachers’ leadership and enhancing their professional capacity for designing integrated, open, inspirational, interesting play-based curriculum to enhance children’s learning abilities and unleash their potential.   We were honored to be a part of the “Play-Learn-Grow in Hong Kong Kindergarten” programme. Both our students and teachers gained a lot from it. We even set the directions for developing our curriculum based on the idea of the progamme so that students can attain a holistic development through engaging in play-based learning.