PCHK Tai Wo Nursery School was founded in 1991 located at Tai Wo Estate, Tai Po. It serves children from 2 to 6 years old. During the beginning of our service, we could only provide day care and support services. Nowadays, our services have been extended including full day care services, occasional child care services and integrated programme for special need children.


Besides teaching knowledge to our children, we also emphasize on Spiritual Education. Therefore, we have kids worship weekly. They also sing gospel hymns during their assembly. Children will learn about Jesus and would also learn how Jesus would love people. As PCHK Tai Po Church is nearby, we hold joint functions and activities every year, like summer bible class, and children gospel activities, to teach them more about Jesus In the end, when they are grown-ups, they can achieve our motto of “Love God, Love People, Love Country.”