Features of Curriculum


We engage children in shared reading every day. While children are enjoying the process of listening to their teachers reading aloud the text, children can learn writing skills, new words and get familiar with common grammar rules at the same time. It also opens opportunities for students to share in the teacher’s interpretation of the story, feelings, attitudes. Our teachers take students on a picture walk, an important strategy for promoting deep reading, to improve students’ comprehension of the story and thus inspire students to predict, think and imagine the story through the pictures. The strategy also helps students learn the meaning of words. Our teachers scaffold children’s learning through everyday conversations, reading and writing to stimulate their thinking.


We adopt the HighScope Approach to encourage children to construct their own learning and be actively involved in it. The daily routine of “plan-do-review” allows children to learn the sequence of planning an activity, and reflect on and share with others what they have done under the teacher’s guidance. Throughout the process, they will develop problem-solving skills and self-management skills. We also adopt an open, inspirational and interesting play strategy to help with children’s learning and to provide them with a happy learning environment. A whole-school, mixed-age activity named “HighScope Exploration” is held every Friday to enable students to bring the “plan-do-review’ process into play. Not only children will be able to test themselves on different levels of learning but also are provided with ample time to enjoy the fun of the activity.


A morning assembly that involves praying and praise exercises is held every morning to mark the start of the day. The “Boys’ Brigade –Anchor Lambs” assembly is held once a week. We teach children about God’s Word through our school-based curriculum and children’s worship service that engages children in reading bible stories, singing hymns and bible verse reading. Picture book reading, games and parent-child activities are used for extended learning, enabling children to put what they have learnt to good use and thus develop a good character.


Besides creating a reading atmosphere at school, we also encourage parent-child reading to cultivate the habit of reading in children and to promote a strong parent-child relationship. We invite parents into school to borrow books with their child every week, and encourage them to take an active part in the Home Reading Scheme.


The programme aims to help students unleash their potential, promote a comprehensive, balanced development, and set good examples for them. Students with outstanding performance will be given recognition. It provides students with exceptional learning opportunities to enable them to gain a sense of accomplishment, self-respect and self-efficacy. The programme also enables parents to observe their child’s development from different aspects and build a bridge of communication with their child for developing positive thinking and a positive parent-child relationship.