Parents Teachers Association (PTA)

We encourage active parent participation in school so that parents, students and teachers can better understand each other and we can establish a harmonious partnership with parents to create a healthy, pleasant learning environment for promoting children’s whole-person development.

The 6th Parent-Teacher Association 
 List of members
Positions  Parent representative  School representative
President Ms. Chen Li Juan (Parent of K2 Sze Ho Hei Daniel) Ms. Chung Kam Ling (Pincipal)
Vice-President Ms. Yiu Shuk Chun (Parent of K3 Cheung Nga Ching) Ms. Fung Cheuk Man (Supervisor)
Secretary Ms. Lai Suet Shan (Parent of K1 Law Hui To Reece) Ms. Cheng Tsz Lun (Teacher)


Mr. Wong Yiu Lun (Parent of K2 Wong Chi Ki) Ms. Pang Tsui Chun (Teacher)
Recreation Ms. Li Shui Ying (Parent of N1 Li Yee Kiu, K2 Li Yee Ching)
Ms. Leung Tsz Ching (Parent of K3 Poon Hui Yu Yaffa)
General affairs Ms. So Shuk Mei (Parent of K2 Leung Sek Ki)
Ms. Li Miu Ling (Parent of K2 Tang Cheuk Yan)
Contact N1 Contact:Ms. Li Wing Yan Phoebe (Parent of K1 Cheung Kei Naam Theo)  /
K1 Contact:Ms. Bai Ming Zhu (Parent of K1 Leung Ching Ho)  /
K2 Contact:Ms. He Hui Qun (Parent of K2 Chan Long Wan)  /
K3 Contact:Ms. Ng Kwai Ling (Parent of K3 Chan Hui Ting)  /